Your Need

Building a business dependent on online success can be time-consuming and costly. If done poorly it can be detrimental to your long term success. What you need is accountable and experienced professionals aligned with your business goals, what you don’t have is deep internal talent or a limitless budget to find and hire outsourced practitioners.

My Solution

Hire a flexible and fair single point of contact Project Manger & Strategist with a broad range of technology and human experience. My team and I become accountable for your online success. Together we find, hire and manage practitioners to meet your business goals. We make sure they deliver on-time, within budget and without locking you into an restrictive solutions. Read More, or let’s talk.

Our Experience

Strategy, Vision & Management
Relationships & Trust
Frontend & Backend Web
Search Engines & Marketing
Networking & Linux System Administration

My Ethics


Hire Borgia & Company and gain an experienced partner you can trust.

“My reputation is more important than a paycheck;  my integrity  more than my career.”

– Chris Borgia


Hire Borgia & Company and gain an experienced web manager and a loyal partner.

“I prioritize human relationships and align my professional interests with the business goals of my clients.”

– Chris Borgia


Hire Borgia & Company and gain an experienced manager and cost-cutting advocate who strives to optimize every effort for efficiency.

“It’s not just the cost savings. It’s the feeling of being a part of well thought out and fully optimized system of productivity.”

– Chris Borgia

We’ve Got You Covered

Chris has over 20 years consecutive professional experience. As a team we have over a century of experience. In other words, you’re in experienced hands.

Full stack from front to back, with a focus on project management the web, and strategy – we like to get things done and we like to do so with broadest positive impact every step of the way.

Project Management

My 9 Years of real-world results-driven Project Management means you get someone who can execute on tasks and manage teams.


My 9 years experience with search engine optimization helps lower the barrier to top search engine result pages (SERP).

Web Development

My 15 years experience with web programming enables me to effectually manage your web projects development needs.

Web Design

My 17 years experience with graphic design helps ensure a keen eye is focused on your projects aesthetics.

System Administration

My 6 years of Unix based server management and maintenance will help ensure your web infrastructure is fast and secure.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is a key component to online success. Saving you money while driving traffic through Optimizations is a passion of ours.

All tasks and services performed with per minute accounting. Time reports are available on demand and attached with each invoice. Learn More

Hire Me

Start with a free consultation. Then, if you only need a few hours, with no ongoing invoices, go with my single effort service. When you’re ready for ongoing effort, move up to a weekly or monthly commitment to ensure consistent availability via my managed service.

Service Offering
Free Consultation
Free Consultation

Ideal for those who never worked with me and want to know more. First 20 min free.

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Hourly Web Manager Services
Unmanaged Single Effort

Ideal for new clients or when you only need a predetermined block of time once in a while.

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Monthly Webmaster Service
Managed Ongoing Effort

Ideal for clients who know they need ongoing effort each week.

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